Cosmetic Butter Trading Est. registered in Ministry of Commerce with register No. 1010421069 , our headquartered in Riyadh City Market Natural Beauty products Raw

about us

Cosmetic Butter Trading Est

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Riyadh


Suppliers of Shea Butter, Natural Soap and Natural Beauty Products

We import shea and the original liquid and dry African soap

We are keen to choose Shea nuts in the first place, so that the product is good in use

Currently, retail and wholesale sales are limited to the Internet, and you can order and pay easily through the site

our vision

To be marketers of 100% natural products that are globally trusted and provide the best marketing services from a recent expiry date, packaging and speed in dealing with orders and delivery

our mission

To provide the highest quality standards for our products and provide the best solutions and means of support to our customers, their satisfaction is our first concern. And to invest the best technical competencies and experiences to form a team equipped with the latest technologies in this industry in a way that enables us to provide the best appropriate solutions, at the best prices.

We are committed to providing the best integrated and reliable products in a timely manner and within the medium financial budget. We are always working to build constructive professional working relationships with our clients and customers of all kinds, in a way that ensures their complete satisfaction with the quality of products and good treatment.

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One of the most important factors of our success and the development of our organization are those basic values ​​through which we set out to design and manage our business and our growing projects in the market, which is to put the needs and requirements of our customers and clients at the forefront of our concerns and to draw up a real, accurate and clear strategy to achieve the highest standards of satisfaction and acceptance by them, and to employ all our capabilities and human resources and technology to optimally meet all their needs and requirements.