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Derma roller 0.5 mm fine wheel 180 fine needles titanium needles

15 SAR

It is a new technique for treating skin problems. It is a hand and has a wheel, and the wheel has very fine needles, and each tool has a size according to the skin problem.

 : work idea

Simple surgery using it activates blood circulation and improves collagen production


 :: Benefits ::

Stimulating collagen production

Improve skin elasticity

Reducing and firming pore size

Smoothing acne scars

Reducing fine lines

Wrinkles and dark circles

Safe for all skin types

Rapid skin repair

 The best way to use it

Wash hands and the area to be treated carefully.

Wipe the skin and hands with antibacterial gel (skip this step if you are using a 0.5mm needle).

If you are using a dedicated cream, follow the manufacturer's directions for use. It is preferable to remove the effects of the cream completely before use.

Rinse the derma roller under hot tap water for a few seconds.

Apply skin care products, if using.

Pull the skin tightly with your other hand, and roll the roller forward and backward over the area to be treated. Approximately 8 - 10 times in each direction: vertically, horizontally and diagonally (one front and back is equal to two turns).

Sufficient pressure for the needles to penetrate the skin along their full length.

With the derma roller slightly raised after each roll - this will ensure, God willing, that the needles will penetrate the new small skin channels instead of going down the same path during the repetitions.

Washing the area with natural soap (I recommend African dry soap) and it can be painted with a suitable cosmetic butter after 4 hours of use.

There may be some superficial bleeding immediately after use but it is superficial and will disappear

The skin will also turn red, which is normal and will fade after a few hours.

Wait at least six hours before applying make-up or scented products to the treated area

Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun for at least 24 hours after treatment

15 SAR
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