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African soap

Information about African black soap

Composed of natural ingredients, this soap leaves you with a refreshing feeling and is smooth as silk that melts in the hands. It restores damaged skin and moisturizes the skin, helping in the healing of chronic eczema, acne, freckles and black spots.

 African traditional black soap is one of the natural ingredients of dried banana skins, palm fronds, cocoa powder, shea kernel oil, and plantain. It is a fruit that grows in Africa and South America and is similar to bananas, except that it is much larger, and it is a natural source of vitamins and iron .

 Made by drying the skin of a plantain under the sun. After that it enters the clay oven. Amid constant heat, it turns brown, and cocoa powder extracted from the cocoa fruit is added to it, and the ingredients are mixed with palm oil and shea butter to form soap. It is a soft, organic mixture with an earthy brown color that is not oily in texture.

 It can be used for hands, face, hair and body, and its benefits include: - Helps to deeply clean the skin - Works on most types of skin, including hard, dry or sensitive skin - Helps treat scars, pimples, flaky skin and spots - Helps relieve acne Young people, oily skin and other skin problems. - Helps remove the effects of make-up - Works against facial lines and premature wrinkles and nourishes them - It has a foaming action and can be used as a foam instead of shampoo to nourish the hair and scalp.

Why is black soap different from other types of soap?

Black soap is made in addition to roasted cocoa and natural oils. It is also made from tropical honey, which is used to soften the skin and makes the skin smooth and flat.

Black soap is a major source of vitamins A, E and iron, and these types of vitamins are considered tonic for the skin and are of great benefit, as well as hair.

Black soap contains a mixture of glycerin, which absorbs moisture from the air and makes the skin soft and elastic.

For many centuries, Ghanaians and Nigerians have been using black soap to remove acne and clean oily skin. They also used it for people with skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema, because ordinary soap always irritates people with skin diseases and is tiring for them.

The majority of women in Africa use black soap during pregnancy to protect the skin from drying out, as well as to hide the stretch marks that occur during the pregnancy process.

Even men can use black soap in shaving because the soap contains foam and gives benefits to the skin, polishes and protects the skin.

It was noticed in this type, in particular, that the skin immediately bleached due to the fact that it contains palm kernel extract

It gradually exfoliates the skin in a gentle and soft way (without improving it).

 Not everything that is said about black soap is really African black soap

 Unfortunately, lately, many products that resemble black soap have spread only in color for financial gain and deceiving people for the benefits of this product and for quick profit ... So we wanted to note that the product we bring is considered to be from the original source of the product from Africa and real black soap and all the ingredients mentioned above are present It has all of it from 100% raw and natural materials....and you can be sure just by smelling its earthy smell and texture.

Summary: Everyone who used black soap did not leave it because it has many and great benefits... Just using it and noticing the change that will occur on your skin or your skin will not dispense with it and it will accompany you even while traveling abroad. In short, African black soap is the integrated food for skin and hair.

Using African Black Soap

It is preferable to use it when taking a shower by rubbing areas that are not uniform in color compared to other areas, as well as dead skin. A simple piece can give a large foam with the hands. This massages the rest of the body.

You can also cut a simple piece and rub it by hand and use it instead of shampoo by rubbing the scalp well, leaving it for a few minutes and then washing it well.

Repeat the process again

I estimate the time to be every two days.

Excessive use of any product is counterproductive

It is recommended to use soap two to three times a week, maximum

And once daily for the face

Black soap cleanses the skin, but without harsh chemicals

It is not necessary to cleanse the body of germs by buying expensive antibacterials from the pharmacy

African Black Soap is an authentic recipe that includes natural ingredients that we have added Sweet Almond Oil, Original Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter to it

To enhance the action of the soap and no sodium hydroxide has been added to it.

Penetrates the skin to remove impurities. It does not remove existing acne, instead it helps prevent the excessive sebum production that causes the growth of bacteria that helps acne breakouts in the first place.

This appears to many when using black soap as a result of "cleansing" as your skin appears to be getting worse.

But after two weeks of use, you will notice the clarity of the skin, vibrant and the disappearance of grains

The soap also helps fade dark marks such as melasma, as it is rich in iron, vitamin A and vitamin E that nourish the skin

Soap is not recommended

For those whose skin is very dry unless you make sure to use moisturizers after using it

Who is allergic to cocoa, shea or nuts in general

(It is recommended to try it on an area of ​​​​the skin for an appropriate period)

From the experiences of this soap:

- Add drops of jojoba oil when using and rose oil or rose water,

By taking a bar of soap and rubbing it with a few drops of these oils in the palm of the hand