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Treatment of split ends and broken nails with vitamins - red

25 SAR

Remained 4

A product from the Polish company Evelyn


A strong hardener and a quick helper to treat split, brittle and damaged nails

Its effect is fast and it is the perfect solution for weak nails

With vitamins, calcium and collagen that dissolve inside the nail, it renews cells and makes the crust hard, and its effect lasts for about 10 days.

With repeated use, nails become exceptionally strong, flexible and smooth

the use :

Once a day, apply direct nail polish

After three days, remove the film that is on the nails

Then paint it again

The process is repeated whenever a layer is formed on the nails

Attention :

The cuticle area around the nails should be protected when using

You can apply it with olive oil or cream

Avoid contact with eyes

The product is flammable

It is never taken orally

Keep the product out of the reach of children

 Contains 2% formaldehyde.

25 SAR
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