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Rose hip seed Essential oil from Now Foods USA 30 mL

42 SAR

Remained 2

100% pure oil

From the seeds of the Damascene rose

Purity Tested / Quality Guaranteed

Benefits: Regeneration of skin cells, especially the beginning of wrinkles

Production method:

100% rosehip seed extract without any additives

Rich in omega-6 and essential fatty acids.

It can be used to help rejuvenate skin cells to regenerate a healthy glow and also helps fight skin damage

Suggested use

For aromatherapy use. For all other uses, carefully mix with cosmetic oils such as jojoba, grape, olive, or almond oil and shea butter.


keep away from the reach of the children. Avoid contact with eyes. For pregnant or lactating women, it is best to consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use. Not for indoor use

This natural oil has a very high concentration and should be used with caution

Size 30 ml / 200 g

42 SAR
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