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Now Foods Moroccan Red Clay Mask, 170 gram

35 SAR

Remained 3

Eliminate toxins and impurities from the skin

For all skin types, including sensitive

Reducing the pores of the skin and tightening the skin

the use

It is used as a mask for the face and neck to tighten the skin and get rid of

Impurities such as dead skin and grains (pimples) give an appearance

Shine my time and it is good before the make-up, and the frequency of use

Once a week, it provides tightening of wrinkles and treatment for a long time


Mix a tablespoon of powder with an appropriate amount

of water in a plastic bowl until the mixture becomes a creamy consistency,

Cover it completely on the face and neck and avoid contact with the eyes

And lips and leave for 20 minutes, then wash and put a light moisturizer.

From experience, I recommend the following:

For dry skin, it is preferable to mix it with jojoba oil or tea tree oil with a little rose water and aloe vera toner

For sensitive skin, the duration should be a maximum of 15 minutes, and apply a little shea butter after use

 USA product

Weight 170g

35 SAR
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