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Mango Butter 150 gram

85 SAR

Sold Out 17 Time

Raw natural without any additives

USA product

 Tropical butter has a composition similar to shea and cocoa, but with a difference

Little fatty acids, contain antioxidants and vitamins. it smells

Acceptable and pure in appearance, it feels warm, creamy and firm at room temperature. as

 It melts in body heat on contact with the skin and is absorbed smoothly and most

People who use it will notice reduced signs of aging and disappearance

Lines and wrinkles within 6-4 weeks of daily use.

One of the benefits of using it...

Moisturizing dry skin - treatment of rashes - treatment of peeling skin, especially after

Laser work - Wipe flaws and wrinkles - relieve skin itching - heal burns

Sun-cream for a soft shave- treats small skin wounds and cracks in the skin

Moisturizes and softens rough and dry skin - treats mosquito bites and insect bites

Prevent stretch marks during pregnancy - Encourage skin rejuvenation - Relax

Muscles from fatigue, pain and tension - relieve skin sensitivity such as urticaria

Treats eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis - fights fine lines and wrinkles

85 SAR
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