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Korean Aloe Vera Gel 92%

25 SAR

Sold Out 27 Time

92% of its ingredients are natural aloe vera

Natural aromatic scent

Face and lip moisturizer

body lotion

Hair straightener and hair straightener

Soothe skin irritation after shaving

 or hair removal

nail strengthener

Soothe sunburn

Reducing puffy eyes

Protection from stretch lines


the use

It can also be used as follows:

1 - You can use a moisturizing mask for your skin

2- You can also use it as the first gel you put on your face before starting makeup, which adds luster and magic to your skin

3- An excellent hair treatment, as you can put an amount of gel on the hair, which increases its density and magic to enjoy silky and soft hair and for hair styling.

4 - It is used as a tonic, moisturizer and nourisher for nails

5 - You can also use the gel as a moisturizing cream after shaving, as it moisturizes and calms the skin and prevents redness

6 - You can also put it as compresses for the eyes that are tired and swollen, put this gel on a piece of cotton and put the cotton on the eyes

7- It is used as an effective treatment and a strong moisturizer for chapped lips, but you may feel a stinging taste sometimes

8 - It is used as a general and comprehensive moisturizer for the entire body

9 - It is used as an analgesic and sedative for pain and sunburn

10 - You can also use it as a sunscreen to avoid the appearance of freckles and spots on your skin. How to use: You can apply it before / with the foundation cream. Apply it to the desired place on the body and massage it gently and in a circular motion until it is absorbed by your skin.

25 SAR
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