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Jamaican black castor oil with lavender 118ml

65 SAR

Remained 1

100% natural without any additives

Imported from USA

Produced on the island of Jamaica according to traditional methods

It is usually used after heating

For various hair problems: dry damaged hair,

Hair growth, hair intensification, hair breakage

It is characterized by its benefits for eczema, dryness and inflammation of the skin.

It is easily absorbed by the scalp and skin

In addition to its pleasant aroma

It is caused by the roasting of castor seeds of this type of oil, which is why it is darker and mixed with a burnt smell.

The ash content is reported to be an effective raising oil compared to a traditional over-the-counter oil.

Jamaican black castor oil has been used extensively as a cosmetic solution to improve hair growth, and for skin care.

It has special benefits for hair..

Stimulates hair growth quickly, thickens thin hair to turn it into thick strands, repairs damaged hair, protects hair from breakage, and increases and thickens hair...

Jamaican castor oil is well known to those who complain of baldness and damage, and the oil is very useful because it is directly from the factory from Africa, filling a factory that has not been refined or diluted, so it works more than other castor oils..

It is believed that the health benefits of castor oil center around the fact that it contains a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids and is widely used to treat some diseases. It is also used in cosmetics industries such as soap. Castor oil is one of the most famous natural laxatives, and it also facilitates the birth process as well as helps moisturize the skin.

Among the benefits of castor oil as a general..

1. Castor Oil Benefits for Wounds and Infections:

Indecylnic acid is one of the most important compounds extracted from castor, which is included in many drug dumps due to its anti-fungal properties. It can be used as a bandage, where a piece of gauze or cotton is immersed in castor oil and left to work on getting rid of the fungal infection from night to morning. Whether there is a tumor, a fungal infection, or even a sunburn, because the ricinoleic acid in castor oil prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and yeasts.

2. Castor Oil Benefits for Body and Skin:

Castor oil is widely used for the health and freshness of the skin, as massaging the body with castor oil before showering once a week helps the skin to retain its freshness and stimulates the muscles of the body. Also, applying castor oil on the hands and feet before bed helps maintain the freshness of the skin by penetrating the skin and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, which in turn moisturize the skin, in addition to that it protects the skin from wrinkles, and helps to get rid of dark circles, and it is recommended to use small amounts of oil and is painted away from the eye.

Also, castor oil is used to treat acne, and it can be used by directing castor oil steam to the face for about 20 minutes after washing the face at night, then massaging the face with a teaspoon of castor oil, then washing it immediately upon waking up from sleep.

3. Castor Oil Benefits for Rheumatism:

Castor oil contains oleic, linoleic, and ricinoleic acids, along with some other fatty acids, which makes it very effective in treating rheumatism and getting rid of arthritis and gout through its high penetration into the skin.

4. Castor Oil Benefits for Eyelashes:

This is one of the most famous and most popular discussions about the ability of castor oil to be useful on eyelashes, eyebrows and hair, as some people believe that castor oil’s ability to penetrate the skin due to its chemical composition and then its ability to penetrate into hair follicles and stimulate their growth, but it has not been proven that it can do this. However, many women swear that it has positively affected their eyebrows after using it, as well as using it for eyelashes, but it is preferable to stay away from its use because it may cause severe allergic reactions in the eye. It is preferable to use sweet almond oil, which is the best natural product for the growth of eyelashes (and how to use it can be found in this article).

5. Castor Oil Benefits for Hair:

Castor oil works to increase hair growth and works to get rid of dry hair, more shiny and lively, as well as moisturizing the scalp, where the scalp and roots of the hair are massaged after applying it evenly on the head and then the head is covered with a plastic cap for 20 minutes before it is done Washing it to remove the effects of castor oil, and doing this work once a week for two months will show good results for hair growth.

The hair can be moisturized using a mixture of olive oil and castor on a daily basis, by applying paint, leaving it on the hair for 30 minutes, then washing.

Castor oil also works to increase hair growth and prevent baldness, it helps the healthy growth of hair, and it is considered one of the natural oils to treat the problem of baldness and hair loss, and make it thicker and more solid, and it is recommended to put castor oil on the hair evenly and gently massage until it penetrates to the roots of the hair Then leave it for about 200 minutes, or leave it overnight, then wash it with shampoo, and it is preferable to do this process once a week for two months, then judge the results, and it can be mixed with olive oil to avoid the problem of its repulsive smell. Jamaican black castor oil, which has a long history of treating baldness, is recommended.

6. Castor Oil Benefits for Nails:

Castor oil is used to moisturize the nails and protect them from cracking, by massaging the hand and nails every night with a little castor oil.

65 SAR
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