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Soft peeling loofah from American Ecotools, beige color

30 SAR

Remained 1

Get glowing skin!

Peeling with a tight-wire loofah

A favorite and great for a gentle massage

Removes dead skin for a healthy, healthy glow

New colors!

Made from recycled plant fibres

The loofah is designed with recycled mesh to remove dead skin cells to contribute to deep cleansing

It is a sponge that accepts moisture greatly after adding bath soap

Massage and rub all over the body until it is clean.

To gently cleanse the entire body

Designed for sensitive skin

soft on the body

Made from recycled vegetable fibres

Bathing pleasure when using it

Gentle exfoliation of dead cells

Gentle exfoliation

Decorate them to brighten up your bathroom shelf

30 SAR
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