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Aloe Vera Butter 150g

85 SAR

Remained 4

It contains nutrients such as vitamins

A.B.C.E, and minerals such as sodium, magnesium, selenium, proteins, amino acids, sugars, and zinc

An Egyptian study by the National Research Center, supervised by the researcher, Dr. Emad El-Din, indicated that

Mohamed Hassan that the aloe vera plant is effective in relieving infections, and increasing the patient's ability to

Movement and pain relief

Beauticians prefer to use it as a treatment for hair problems and is an excellent material for care

It gives the hair remarkable strength and luster and is useful in treating hair loss and making it more shiny

It restores the luster by making a hair bath for an hour a week

It is useful in cleaning the skin, as it is considered one of the best natural cleansers that gain the skin

Softness, vitality and whiteness

It also protects the skin, God willing, from wrinkles, and some queens used it for cosmetic purposes

Multiple, as Cleopatra mentioned that she used to massage her face daily with aloe vera butter, and Josephine

Napoleon's wife used to add aloe vera butter to milk to make a face wash.

You can make a natural mask to get rid of impurities and fats

Helps you remove black pimples, and protects the skin from fatigue and sagging

85 SAR
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